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Understand step-parent adoptions if you are considering one

You love your new wife more than anything. You get along well with the kids that she has from a previous marriage. Since the children's father isn't in the picture, you'd like to adopt them so that you can play an active and legal role in their upbringing.

There are a few points that you should think about when you are trying to decide whether you should pursue a step-parent adoption. These might help you to make a decision and give you more information about what you can expect if you decide to move forward with the adoption:

Can I reduce my child support payments?

Everything in life is changing, and, unfortunately, the salaries we receive from our jobs can change, too -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Perhaps you were working a lucrative job as an engineer when you got your divorce, and the judge ordered you to pay $1,000 monthly in child support. Recently, though, you got laid off.

You were fortunate to find a new job quickly, but the salary is half as much. You need to downsize a lot of things in your life, and your $1,000 per month child support bill is making things difficult. Can you apply for a reduction in your child support obligations?

Child custody matters can require collaborative efforts

There are many things that you have to think about when you are ending a relationship. Whether you are in a same-sex relationship that involves children or a traditional marriage with children, you will have to work through child custody issues when the relationship ends.

Child custody matters can be decided in two primary ways. You and your ex might go through mediation to work through the issues and make decisions about the agreement. The alternative to this is that you can stand before a judge to have the court decide what the order will entail. If you are dealing with child custody matters and will go through mediation, consider these pointers.

5 things to avoid on social media if you're divorcing

Going through a divorce was once something that people didn't freely discuss. These days, divorces aren't really seen as huge news since they have become so mainstream.

While it might be tempting to turn to social media to document your divorce, this isn't usually appropriate. Of course, you are an adult and can do what you want, but make sure that you think carefully about how your social media interactions might impact your divorce and your children.

3 reasons to work with your adoption attorney in Alaska

Adding to your family is exciting. You get to have a child you always wanted or one who you already care for like your own. It’s a major step in your life, and you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, adoption is usually straightforward when you work with an attorney. There are many ways that it could go wrong or that you could fail to meet legal requirements, but your attorney can help make sure you don’t make mistakes that could add time to your wait to grow your family.

My son wants to live with his father and not me

You went through a lot of legal hurdles to have full physical custody of your son. For the last 10 years, he's lived with you and you've done a great job with raising him. His dad has also been involved, sending child support payments and honoring the visitation schedule.

The thing is, you're the one who's done the parenting and you're the one who's created the structure. Meanwhile, dad has showered him with gifts and more aptly played the role of a fun older friend. Now, dad is telling your 15-year-old son that he'll buy him a new sports car if he'll come and live with him.

5 tough questions to consider prior to a divorce

You moved to Alaska right after you got done with college, and you quickly fell in love with it. You also met your spouse, got married and started your own business. While you're proud of the life you've carved out for yourself and what you've accomplished, your marriage is not as strong as it once was. There are a lot of pressures: your business schedule, your young kids, the distance from the rest of your family, and the like. If you think you're heading toward divorce, ask yourself these questions:

Mediation can reduce the impact of your divorce on your children

Divorce is often considered to be one of the most traumatic experiences children can have during their developmental years. Your children love both of their parents, and they don't want to have to decide where they want to live in a custody dispute. They also shouldn't need to listen to days of testimony while you both air your grievances about the other's worst behaviors during your marriage.

Deciding to commit to mediation protects your children from the worst fallout of a divorce. It also allows you and your former spouse more control over the final arrangements of your divorce.

Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

When you hear the word "divorce," most people automatically think of expensive divorce lawyers, endless hours in court arguing about property and alimony, followed by years of custody battles.

Your divorce won't be one of those messy court battles. You and your wife are splitting on reasonably good terms. Both of you have known for some time that your relationship as a married couple was coming to an end.

3 things women should know about property division

Now that you have decided that you are leaving your husband, you must figure out how all your property will be divided so that you know what assets you will take away from your marriage. This isn't something that is always easy to determine, but understanding Alaska's laws can help determine a possible solution to the problem of who gets what.