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Benefits of mediation instead of typical divorce

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Firm News |

People typically turn to litigated divorce when they decide to separate from their spouse and end their marriage.

Mediation is an alternative solution that may work better for your situation and help to preserve an amicable relationship with your ex. There are several additional benefits to keeping your separation out of the courts.

Lower costs and less time

Mediation costs a fraction of a typical litigated divorce because it does not involve court costs or other expenses associated with litigation. The entire process also takes much less time because of the conflict resolution goal. Less time also equals fewer expenses, making mediation a very cost-effective alternative to a traditional divorce.

Privacy protection

All communications during meditation and agreements reached through mediation are confidential. By contrast, divorce proceedings in a courtroom are a public record. Mediation is a wise choice if you wish to maintain your privacy and keep details of your marriage and family out of the public.

Less stress for all involved

With the focus on finding agreeable resolutions for all parties, instead of blaming and finding fault with your ex, there is much less friction and animosity during mediation proceedings. This can ease the stress children feel during the process too.

You retain control

Instead of having a judge in a courtroom make decisions for you, a mediator works with you to find solutions. Mediators give you information about all of your options so that you can make informed choices about how to move forward. The goal of mediation is to communicate effectively with your former partner to find a resolution that works for your unique situation.

Electing to try mediation does not close the door to other options. If mediation is unsuccessful, you can still pursue traditional divorce litigation.


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