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How adoption works in Alaska

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Adoption |

Adoption creates a long-term relationship between the adoptive parents and a child. This process will make the adoptive parents legally responsible for all decisions related to the child.

A child is eligible for adoption if no biological parent has parental rights due to the court terminating those rights or the parent voluntarily surrendering them. If a child is over the age of ten, they must consent to the adoption.

Financial considerations

Adoptive parents become financially responsible for the care and maintenance of the child. If the child is in foster care before the adoption, the child may receive a subsidy from the state of Alaska. Medicaid coverage for the adopted child is always included in the subsidy amount. The adoptive parents may insure their child with private insurance in addition to any Medicaid coverage.

In the event of the adoptive parents’ death, the adopted child has the same legal rights to the parent’s estate as any natural-born child. A valid executed will controls the estate distribution per the terms specified.

Interaction with the biological parent

After an adoption, all rights of the biological parents cease, and any child support obligation is also removed. Adoptive parents can decide to allow contact between the child and birth parents. Sometimes a court may order specific contact as part of the terms of the adoption.

Cessation of adoption

Adoption is permanent and generally only ends if the adoptive parents or child die. A court can terminate an adoption if required.

Anyone seeking to adopt a child should approach the process with the seriousness required for this lifelong commitment.


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