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5 things to avoid on social media if you’re divorcing

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Child Custody And Support |

Going through a divorce was once something that people didn’t freely discuss. These days, divorces aren’t really seen as huge news since they have become so mainstream.

While it might be tempting to turn to social media to document your divorce, this isn’t usually appropriate. Of course, you are an adult and can do what you want, but make sure that you think carefully about how your social media interactions might impact your divorce and your children.

Don’t say anything you might regret later

Don’t post any updates or make any comments that you might regret later. Remember, even if you realize the error of your post and choose to delete it, there is a chance that someone might grab a screenshot before you delete it. This could mean that you end up having to answer for what you said later.

Don’t show off anything that might contradict the discovery of assets

Be careful that you don’t give air that you are doing better financially than you truly are. Your pictures and posts might be brought up during the divorce. It is essential that you are honest in the asset discovery process. If a picture, such as a vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, might make it seem as though you were hiding assets, don’t post it. If there is a good explanation for what is going on, such as the trip was a gift from your parents, you might consider making that clear if you do opt to post.

Don’t vent to mutual friends

Even if you are close to someone who is also friends with your ex, don’t vent to that person. This is especially important if you are sending private messages on social media. Even private messages can have screenshots taken of them so it is best to vent in person.

Don’t allow random tags

Some social media websites allow other users to tag you in photos. Make sure that you don’t allow that while you are going through your divorce. You need to have control over what people see since anything could be used against you in court.

Don’t try to hide behind a new profile

You might be tempted to start a new profile just so you can hide it from your ex or people who might know your ex. This typically isn’t a good idea since it can be considered trying to hide something. That is the last thing you want to do.

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