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Due to precautions related to COVID-19, we have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a full phone consultation or video conference is appropriate for your situation.

Local: 907-272-2203 // Toll Free: 800-481-7140

What Sets My Practice Apart

Most of my clients have initial uncertainties about the divorce process. You may be wondering how I can help. Why choose my firm over others? Do you even need an attorney at all?

I believe in honest and transparent communication with my clients. With that in mind, below you can find answers to these questions and others I have received from previous clients.

Isn’t A Lawyer Just Going To Prolong The Divorce And Cost Me Money?

This is a common misconception. As your attorney, I will always act in your best interests. That means if you want to resolve your divorce quickly, I will do everything I can to be efficient and effective in all legal proceedings. I always take a practical approach to finding solutions, which means I take your finances into account before recommending legal action.

I have advanced training in collaborative law as well as training in mediation. I encourage my clients to take proactive steps to resolve disputes in a practical and cooperative manner. As a result of my proactive approach to dispute resolution, I am often able to help my clients minimize the emotional and financial costs of family law matters and avoid protracted litigation. I am a strong advocate for my clients and work diligently to protect their parental and financial rights.

How Is Dorothea G. Aguero, Attorney At Law, P.C., Different From Other Firms?

I truly believe in my practice and my ability to help. The over 25 years of obtaining results for my clients are evidence of my success. In addition to my experience, I truly care about my clients’ well-being and will do my best to promote their financial, legal and emotional health. I oversee all aspects of your case and respond to your questions and concerns because I care about your result. I also only take family law cases so that I remain focused and up to date on all family law issues in Alaska.

Why The Focus On Being Compassionate? I Care About Results.

Finding solutions is the most important part of my job. In order to best help my clients, I need to listen to their concerns and understand their situation. Then I have to understand their goals and how their family will be put in the best possible situation once their legal matter is complete.

This means I have to provide individual attention for every client; only that level of dedication and service will result in a favorable outcome for my clients. That is why I focus on compassionate advocacy — because any other way would be a disservice to you.

More Questions? You Are Welcome To Contact Me.

I am happy to provide you with a reasonable expectation of what you can expect from the divorce process and how I can help. To schedule an initial consultation, you can reach my office in Anchorage at 800-481-7140. You can also reach me online and I will respond promptly.