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Divorce mediation: Questions you need to answer

If you're facing the divorce process and interested in easing tension, mediation is one of the best ways of doing so. While there are times when litigation is necessary, don't go down this path until you first understand what mediation has to offer.

There are many benefits of mediation, including but not limited to:

  • Less stress and tension than litigation, which helps if you'll co-parent in the future
  • More control over the process
  • Less time-consuming than litigation
  • Often more affordable than litigation

When and how should I tell my children about my divorce?

Part of your job as a parent is to protect your children from harm, which is why telling your kids about your divorce can seem counterintuitive. You know the knowledge of your divorce may be emotionally painful for your children, so it is natural to want to avoid telling them about it.

However, in most situations it is best to tell your children about it sooner rather than later. The exact timing for this conversation may vary based on your situation, but it is often best to tell your children about your divorce before a parent moves out, a parenting plan takes effect or someone else tells your children about your divorce.

Military service and child custody require special planning

Child custody matters are difficult for any family to handle; however, military families have some added considerations that must be addressed. It is imperative that all service members and the individuals they share children with understand these important points.

The nature of military life means that the respective parent has to have plans in place for the children if they aren't in a relationship with the child's other parent any longer. This ensures that the children are cared for in the event the member has to leave suddenly or for a lengthy deployment.

When might legal separation be an appropriate choice?

If you and your spouse are having marital troubles, you might be considering what options are available to remedy the problem. While divorce is one possible option, it may not necessarily be the best option for your situation.

Legal separation is an option that would allow you and your spouse to live apart without ending your marriage. Legal separation offers different benefits and drawbacks than divorce offers, so legal separation may be a couple’s most appropriate option under some circumstances.

Can LGBT couples adopt in Alaska?

Unfortunately, not all adoption agencies in Alaska will consider LGBT people as good parental candidates to adopt. They often cite religious beliefs to discriminate against someone who wishes to adopt. However, if you are determined to adopt, there are public resources available to help you help others.

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

When a couple divorces, there are many complex issues to sort out, including the division of property, money and assets.

There are the obvious pieces of property to negotiate such as who might keep the house, the cars or the heirloom furniture, but couples may question how retirement accounts are handled. 

Dividing retirement benefits in a military divorce

Military members dedicate their lives to serving their country. Because of their great service and sacrifices, the government offers certain benefits. During a military divorce, it can get confusing on who will receive what. It's important that both spouses in a divorce receive a fair share of these assets. 

What's the difference between divorce and dissolution?

If you're contemplating a separation from your spouse, you may be wondering about your options. Alaska law recognizes two methods to terminate a marriage-divorce and dissolution. While they end with the same result, these methods have their differences.

Both choices terminate a marriage, but are different routes to get there. 

Collaborative divorce and property division: Who gets the house?

Your home is often one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime. So, it makes sense that one of your biggest worries in a divorce might be what could happen to the house.

If you bought your home with your spouse, then it is considered marital property and subject to division. Deciding who gets the house, or how to divide it, could cause even more issues in the already stressful situation of a divorce. Collaborative law strategies could help reduce that stress. Through a collaborative divorce, you could maintain the peace and negotiate a fair decision regarding your family home.

How to prepare for adoption

Deciding to add a new member to your family is exciting, especially if you are deciding to adopt. Adopting a child is complicated but ultimately rewarding. It takes time and commitment but it is worth it in the end.

There are many steps you will need to take in order to adopt a child. The process is long and can be complicated. Even preparing to begin the adoption process can take hard work. Here are three steps you should take in order to prepare to adopt a child