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Time to adopt: Adoption in Anchorage

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Uncategorized |

You’ve always wanted to start a family with your spouse, but you’ve found it difficult to do so. Though you’ve tried time and time again, it just doesn’t seem to happen for you.

This year, you’ve decided to start looking into adoption, so you can start the family you’ve always wanted. Anchorage has adoption agencies, and there are many children in Alaska who need loving homes.

What kinds of adoptions can you choose in Anchorage?

There are three primary forms of adoption. These include:

  • Foster-to-adopt programs
  • International adoption programs
  • Domestic infant adoption

Foster-to-adopt programs are generally the least expensive, while international adoption is the most expensive.

Do you have to have a home study if you want to adopt?

Many people worry about the home study that is required for adoption, but you shouldn’t. The home study just reviews your home, lifestyle and readiness to adopt. A local social worker will come to your home to see what the environment is like. This helps them guide you toward a child who may be better suited to your home and hobbies. For example, if you’re looking to adopt an older child and are a musician, a child who is also interested in music may do well in your home.

What happens if you want to adopt a newborn?

If you want to adopt a newborn child, you’ll likely work directly with the mother who is giving her child up for adoption. There will be a hospital plan in place, and there are several maternity hospitals where the birth may take place.

Usually, the family who is adopting the child is able to come to the hospital shortly after the birth, or during it if the mother approves. There is a time period after the birth that the birth mother is able to be with her child, and you should know that she can refuse the adoption at any time. That’s part of what makes newborn adoption difficult for potential new parents, but if it does work out, you’ll have a child from their very first days on the planet.

Many parents are eager to adopt, but the entire process can be tricky. It’s a smart move to work with an attorney who is familiar with the adoption process in Anchorage or other areas of Alaska, since they can help you better understand the adoption process and what you should expect in the future.


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