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3 myths about same-sex divorce in Alaska

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Divorce |

Experiencing a divorce comes with a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Same-sex couples who decide to split likely feel even greater uncertainty if they do not understand where their situation stands in the eyes of the law.

In general, any couple moving forward with an Alaska divorce will follow a similar trajectory. Even so, there are a few myths surrounding same-sex divorce that warrant clarification.

1. Same-sex divorce is more complicated

It is an unfortunate reality that same-sex couples are likely accustomed to jumping over some extra hurdles. However, ending a same-sex marriage does not entail any additional or more complicated paperwork in Alaska.

2. Same-sex divorce can be more expensive

Because the process of ending a same-sex marriage is the same as in any other divorce, there is typically no need to expect extra costs. The only additional fees an LGBT individual should expect may come if they seek a divorce attorney with experience in their particular situation.

3. Asset division is always simple

Division of assets can be a complicated and sensitive part of any divorce, and some same-sex couples may have an additional layer of complexity to worry about. Couples with a history reaching back before the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Alaska might have a difficult time sorting which assets are marital property and which should classify as individual property.

In most regards, a same-sex divorce differs very little from any other marriage dissolution. Even so, any divorce can take a turn for the complex. A family law attorney can provide assistance with ensuring that proceedings continue smoothly and efficiently.


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