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Due to precautions related to COVID-19, we have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a full phone consultation or video conference is appropriate for your situation.

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Anchorage Attorney Handling Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

At my Anchorage law office, I am dedicated to providing compassionate legal help, to restoring peace to your life and to helping you preserve your family relationships. As a trained mediator and a strong proponent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), my dedication is put into action. Rather than engage in a lengthy and costly courtroom battle, I encourage you to consider mediation or another form of ADR.

My name is Dorothea G. Aguero, and I am a family law attorney with more than 25 years of experience helping individuals and families throughout Alaska. I am a trained mediator, and I possess highly experienced knowledge about this valuable method for resolving divorce and other family law disputes. Schedule your consultation with me today, and let’s talk about mediation. Call 800-481-7140.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation can be an empowering method for resolving divorce and other family law matters. The power regarding final divorce decisions is put into your hands rather than into the hands of a judge who does not know you. In mediation, a neutral third party called a mediator can help you and the other party arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation can be used to resolve matters such as:

You and the other party will cooperate to resolve the issues without court intervention. I am committed to helping you preserve family relationships and have found that mediation is a wonderful method for doing so. For example, if you and the other party have children together, arriving at a mediated child custody arrangement can serve you and your children well into the future. When you agree on the schedule and both have input into it, you can both be pleased with the outcome. Your children can benefit from the lack of animosity and the spirit of cooperation. As a trained mediator, I can help you communicate effectively and in a healthy, constructive manner to obtain solutions that work for everyone involved.

Other Types Of ADR

ADR can also include arbitration, early neutral evaluation and settlement conferences. All types use a neutral third party who strives to help you avoid a time-consuming and expensive trial.

Contact Me — A Lawyer Who Is Also A Mediator

Are you interested in learning if mediation can be used in your divorce? To schedule your confidential consultation, call me at 800-481-7140, or contact me by email.