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Protecting Your Future Through Domestic Partnership Agreements

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements. Such agreements take place before a couple is married and provides for certain legal and financial protections for each person getting married, depending on their unique circumstances and goals. A postnuptial agreement takes place after a couple is married and tends to have stricter requirements the couple must meet in order to be enforced.

But what about unmarried couples who live together? The majority of Americans live in a home without a married couple as the head of household.

Forming Domestic Partnerships

A domestic partnership agreement, like a marital agreement, can benefit unmarried couples in numerous ways. Unlike for married couples, few laws are in place to protect one partner in an unmarried cohabiting couple. A domestic partnership agreement can spell out how the assets will be divided, including for the home, property and joint accounts.

Our firm celebrates that same-sex couples can legally marry in all 50 states. However, many same-sex couples still choose to have a domestic partnership agreement in place, rather than become married, for a variety of reasons.

A Domestic Partnership Agreement Can Help Foster Relationships

Numerous studies have shown that financial arguments are a leading cause of divorce and breakups. Having an agreement in place in which each partner lists their assets, debts and finances can help the couple establish a solid financial foundation in their relationship.

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